Friday, November 14, 2014

Is Your Boat Lift Ready for the Winter Weather Ahead?

The Lake of the Ozarks is expecting its first snow of the season this weekend!  With boating being one of the main activities here at the Lake, many homeowners are faced with extra preparation for Winter. In addition to winterizing your house, you need to be thinking about your boat, boat dock and boat lift at the Lake of the Ozarks. Preventing the major damages caused by snow and ice by preparing now will save you a lot on costly repairs.

Damage by Winter Weather

During the Winter months, ice heaves can occur in lakes of all sizes and are especially dangerous where there is minimal insulating snow coverage.  Occasionally, the force of these ice heaves is powerful enough to move trees and other structures on lake properties.  More commonly though, the ice damages docks, boat lifts and retaining walls and displaces sod, leaving a lumpy shore line. Sustained frigid temperatures will freeze the surface water around docks, lifts and boats, causing all kinds of expensive repairs. When docks freeze, they become less flexible and do not move evenly as the water level reduces.  This major structural stress can break joints and twist boat lifts.  

How to Avoid Ice Damage

When it comes to ice, the best preventative measure you can take is purchasing a de-icer.  A de-icer will create enough water movement to protect the boat docks and lifts from frozen waters.  For more information about de-icers, check out our blog entitled "As Summer Sets, Avoid the Deep Freeze!" In addition to purchasing a de-icer, you should have a professional come check your lift and add antifreeze to the hoses.  If you can prevent the water from becoming frozen solid, you'll be able to avoid the majority of damages caused by Winter weather!

Boat Dock Insurance

Depending on how bad the weather gets, damages can be unavoidable.  It is important that you have the proper insurance coverage for your Lake of the Ozark boat lift and boat dock.  You first want to make sure you have liability protection because accidents can happen no matter how careful you and your guests are.  You will also need to purchase physical damage coverage, which can typically be extended from your homeowners or fire insurance policy.  Be sure to include the value of your lift and any other attached items when advising your insurance agent of your docks value.  You should also check that your personal property, such as life preservers, fishing poles, etc, that are stored on the dock are also covered under your policy.  Collapse cover is also something to discuss with your agent.  Some companies automatically provide this type of coverage and others exclude it, so be sure you know exactly what you are covered for.

Summerset Boat Lifts provides outstanding boat lift service at the Lake of the Ozarks!  If you are unsure of your boat lift being prepared for Winter, give us a call at 573-348-5073.  Be surprised at how soon you may see a representative of Summerset Boat Lifts on your dock. We want to earn your trust and your business!

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