Friday, October 30, 2015

A Spook-tacular Quiz to Test Your Halloween Knowledge

The scariest holiday of the year has arrived!  Halloween is all about dressing up, candy and fun for all ages. Each year on October 31st, children dress up as their favorite characters and go door to door collecting candy. Adults celebrate with costume parties as well. Summerset Boat Lifts is here to help you get into the Halloween mood with a spook-tacular quiz. How many of these Halloween trivia questions do you know the answer to?

1. In what country did Halloween originate?

A. Germany
B. Mexico
C. United States
D. Ireland

2. What was the first wrapped penny candy in America?

A. Dum Dums

B. Toostie Rolls
C. Salt Water Taffy
D. Bubble Gum

3. Jack o' Lanterns started as a way to keep away spirits and ghosts when people placed candles in what?

A. Pumpkins
B. Turnips
C. Melons
D. Gourds

4. According to superstition, what will you see if you stare in a mirror at midnight on Halloween?

A. Your Future Husband or Wife
B. Bloody Mary
C. A Ghost
D. Yourself

5. How many people were hanged during the Salem Witch Trials?

A. 19
B. 3
C. 7
D. 13

6. What is the most popular candy for trick-or-treaters?

A. Milky Way
B. Butterfinger
C. Snickers
D. Reeces

7. What does the Halloween color Orange stand for?

A. The Burning of Spirits
B. The Harvest
C. The Twilight
D. The Voice of Spirits

8. What does the Halloween color Black stand for?

A. Death 
B. Darkness
C. Uncertainty
D.  The Devil

9. Why do you wear masks on Halloween?

A. To Protect Your Faces in Case the Dead Attack
B. To Protect the Dead from Seeing Us Happy
C. To Keep the Dead from Recognizing the Living
D. To Stop the Dead from Touching Our Faces

10. Originally, what was the trick in "trick-or-treat"?

A. Knock on the Door and Run Away
B. Throw Water on the Person Opening the Door
C. Sing a Song to the Person Giving You Candy
D. Recite a Good Luck Protection Spell


1. D - Ireland
2. B - Tootsie Rolls
3. B - Turnips
4. A - Your Future Husband or Wife
5. A - 19
6. C - Snickers
7. B - The Harvest
8. A - Death
9. C - To Keep the Dead from Recognizing the Living
10. C - Sing a Song to the Person Giving You Candy

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