Friday, January 22, 2016

Finding a Lift for Your Boat

Depending on what type of boat you have, you'll need to find a Lake of the Ozarks boat lift to match. The great news is that no matter what brand of boat or dock you have, Summerset Boat Lift's Galva-Hoist provides great value and performance! Let's take a look at what type of lift you'll need for your boat:

Personal Watercraft

Not only do your larger boats need to be lifted out of the water, but so do your personal watercraft! Obviously you're not going to want to put a jet ski on a regular size boat lift, which is why we offer smaller lifts to fit your personal watercraft perfectly. Whether you have just one jet ski that you take turns on or a pair of them to ride around together, we have the perfect option. Choose from a single sidemount, single place front mount or double place front mount.

Pontoons / Tritoons

Pontoons and tritoons are some of the most popular boat options on the Lake of the Ozarks. They offer enough room to get the entire group out on the water, and even offer the ability to pull a tube or skis. Our 6,500 lb lift is an ideal capacity for almost every pontoon or tritoon on the Lake.

Deck Boats

Deck boats are the perfect option for those that are all about tubing and skiing! The hull design of these boats get you on plane quickly with a smooth ride. While deck boats are typically a little smaller than a pontoon or tritoon, the 6,500 lb lift is a good option for deck boats as well. The structure of this lift is well suited for the rough waters that our lake has to offer.

Fishing Boats

Whether you're an amateur fisherman or you participate in tournaments every weekend, the Lake of the Ozarks is a great place for fishing. Summerset Boat Lifts can hook you up with perfect lift for your fishing boat. Depending on the size of your fishing boat, you could need anywhere from a 4.000 lb lift to our 6,500 lb lifts mentioned above.


Now if you think bigger is better and own a nice cruiser, we've got lifts for those as well! Our 17,000 lb lift is capable of lifting many of the 34 and 35 foot day cruisers. However, we can create custom lifts 20,000 lbs and larger if needed! No matter what you're looking for, the best boat lift dealer at the Lake of the Ozarks has you covered.

At Summerset Boat Lifts, we offer a wide variety of new and pre-owned boat lifts. From personal watercraft lifts all the way up to custom 46,000 lb lifts, we've got something to fit everyone's needs. In addition to the best boat lifts around, we offer exceptional service for all your boat lifts needs! Give us a call at 573-348-5073 with any questions.

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