Wednesday, March 22, 2017

5 Reasons Boats Often Sink in the Spring

Spring has sprung and the thought on everyone's mind is that boating season is quickly approaching! One thing that could quickly put a damper on your fun this spring, is finding out your boat has sunk. Not only would you have to deal with an insurance claim, but you would also have to wait for your boat to be fixed. In today's blog, Summerset Boat Lifts discusses some reasons why boats often sink in the springtime.

Common Reasons Boats Sink

1. Loose Hose - One of the most common reasons why boats sink in the spring is due to a hose issue. It is possible that when the hose was taken off to winterize the engine, the hose clamp was overlooked. A poorly attached hose can easily be lifted off the seacock as water freezes and expands inside. As long as the water remains frozen, the boat is fine. However, in the spring when that ice begins to melt, the boat can sink.

2. Unattended to Leaks - Due to the automatic bilge pump keeping the bilge dry during the warmer months, leaks can go unnoticed. Over the winter though, the battery, and therefore the bilge pump, may go dead. With the pump not working, water can begin to accumulate.

3. Heavy Rains - Heavy spring rains can cause water to seep in through poorly caulked ports, hatches, chainplates and deck fittings. If scuppers become clogged by leaves and other debris, water can pool on the deck. In many cases, boats with a low freeboard only need to sink a few inches before outlets become inlets.

4. Broken Sea Strainer - When water is left in the intake sea strainer, it can freeze and break the bowl. If the seacock is open, the boat will sink as soon as the ice thaws. Even if the seacock was closed, if you open it in the spring and then leave the boat in the slip, it could sink.

5. Loose Stuffing Box - If a stuffing box isn't tightened before the boat is left for the winter, even a small steady drip can eventually swamp a boat. While this could happen over the summer as well, it's more likely during winter and early spring as you're less likely to regularly check on your boat during that time.

Lessons Learned 

Regardless of the season, be sure to routinely check on your boat. When spring rolls around, be sure to thoroughly check your boat for any issues that may have arisen over the winter. has a great Spring Fitting-Out Checklist that you can follow. It only takes an hour or two to ensure peace of mind that everything on your boat is in tip-top shape for the boating season ahead! 

To further ensure your boat doesn't sink, invest in a Galva-Hoist boat lift at the Lake of the Ozarks. By lifting your boat up out of the water for the winter, you can decrease the likelihood of a variety of different issues, including a sinking boat. If you're in need of a new boat lift, contact your premier boat lift dealer at the Lake of the Ozarks, Summerset Boat Lifts at 573-348-5073 today. For those of you that already own a lift, be sure to schedule your spring boat lift maintenance before hitting the water for boating season! We're here to make sure your boat lift is working properly, and doing it's job of protecting your boat.

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