Friday, August 4, 2017

Knowing When Your Boat Dock Needs Replaced

In order for your lift to work properly and protect your boat, your dock needs to be in good shape. The Lake of the Ozarks boat lift has to be able to attach to your dock. Keep reading to learn about some signs that suggest your boat dock needs repaired or replaced.

1. Warped or Cracked Dock Supports. 

Depending on the type of material that was used to build your dock, currents and waves can cause the structure to bend, warp or crack. In addition, ramming your boat into the dock while trying to dock it can also cause these issues. If the cracks are minor, you can likely just replace individual boards or beams. However, if load bearing areas are damaged, you'll want to have your dock replaced. This will ensure structural integrity. Your lift isn't going to be able to protect your boat from sinking if the entire dock falls apart.

2. Rusted Platforms and Dock Supports. 

If you have a metal dock, you'll need to watch for rust. Due to the dock being in constant contact with water, there's bound to be a build-up of moisture, which can lead to rusted platforms and dock supports. If rust has overtaken the dock, you're likely way overdue for a dock replacement. If only small amounts of rust are found, you can try replacing those individual parts or pieces. If you're replacing your metal dock, you might consider investing in a dock of a higher quality material.

3. Wood Rot Spread Out On Dock. 

While it's normal for your dock to experience a little rot over time, if the wood rot is not contained to a small area, it's probably time to replace your dock. Sometimes fungus from the lake water can cause dry rot, which causes wooden components of the dock to decay and crumble. This is normal wear and tear that all docks will experience. When there's only a small area of wood rot, you can likely just replace a board or two and your dock will be fine. However, if the rot has spread across the dock simultaneously, repairs can become expensive and replacing the dock might be a better option.

Not only do you want to keep any eye on your dock for necessary repairs, but it's also a good idea to regularly inspect your boat lift. If any maintenance or repairs are needed on your lift, you can trust Summerset Boat Lifts, your premier boat lift company at the Lake of the Ozarks, to get the job done right. Give us a call at 573-348-5073 to schedule an appointment.

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