Friday, November 3, 2017

Preparing Your Dock, Lift and Boat for Winter

The winter season is quickly approaching and it's time to make sure your dock is prepared for the cold, winter weather. Today's blog from your favorite Lake of the Ozarks boat lift dealer offers tips on preparing your dock and boat lift for winter.

1. Consider Purchasing a De-Icer. 

To protect your dock, lift and boat from the icy waters during the winter season, consider purchasing a de-icer. Even if you're not storing your boat in the water, a de-icer will protect your dock and lift from ice damage. Ice can easily break up entire dock structures, as well as age the wood and even splinter the surface of the dock. A de-icer keeps the water around your dock from turning to ice. Purchase your de-icer from Summerset Boat Lifts today!

2. Winterize Your Boat. 

Obviously the first step in preparing your boat dock for winter is to winterize your boat. The time and effort you spend on your boat now will affect your boats performance, or lack of it, when the season ramps back up. Prepping your boat now will save you time, effort and money when spring rolls around. In addition to winterizing the engine and other systems, make sure your boat is well covered with a tarp or other sturdy covering. Follow the owner's manual for all the steps involved in winterizing your particular boat.

3. Maintain Your Boat Lift. 

Ideally, your boat lift should be maintained twice per year. Once in the fall (now) and once in the spring. Maintaining your lift is important for eliminating lost time on the water and reducing the likelihood of needing major boat lift repairs at the Lake of the Ozarks. By catching issues early, we can reduce major problems with your lift that could affect your boat and your dock. At Summerset Boat Lifts we service a variety of different types of boat lifts.

4. Make Sure You Have Insurance Coverage. 

No matter how well you prepare your dock for the brutal winter weather, there's always a chance of something going wrong during a major snow storm. Therefore, it's important you have proper insurance coverage. Many people assume their homeowners insurance extends to their dock and lift, but that's not always true. In addition to the liability insurance, you'll want to make sure you have physical damage coverage that includes collapse due to heavy snow cover. The best way to make sure you're properly insured is to talk to a local, Lake of the Ozarks insurance agent.

Make sure your boat lift is in tip-top shape for when the season rolls back around by having us service it now! Summerset Boat Lifts is here for all your Lake of the Ozarks boat lift needs. From new and used lifts to service and repair, we've got you covered! In addition, we can supply you with de-icers and other accessories for your dock and boat. Give us a call at 573-348-5073.

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