Friday, December 8, 2017

How Kasco De-Icers Work to Protect Your Property

De-icers are important for any boat enthusiast that lives, or at least stores their boat, in an area where temperatures are cold enough for ice to form on the water, such as Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. If you're new to the boating industry or just never really put much thought into de-icers, this blog is for you! Keep reading to learn how the Kasco De-Icer works and how it can protect your dock from ice damage this winter.

About Kasco

Nearly 50 years ago, Kasco invented the de-icer and is now the leading company in de-icing technology. The original de-icer was invented to allow year-round in-water boat storage, a huge benefit for marinas with limited on-land storage options. The company continues to provide the most innovative, reliable and efficient de-icing solutions available. Their range of products has solved de-icing challenges not just across the country, but around the world!

How Kasco De-Icers Work 

Kasco De-Icers are known throughout the world for their quality, durability and effectiveness. The Kasco D-Series De-Icer became a staple of the industry by tackling some fiercely challenging applications. The de-icer works by moving large volumes of warm, bottom water to the surface. This eliminates and prevents ice formation around boats, docks, pilings, bulk heads or any other property you need protected from damaging ice formation. The water flow eliminates damaging ice expansion and ice jacking, as well as provides excellent aeration for winter months. The unique design of this product provides superior flow and excellent energy efficiency to solve your de-icing needs in a cost effective manner. By using a Kasco De-Icer, you are ensuring your property is protected from the harsh winter conditions.

Get your Kasco de-icer from Summerset Boat Lifts today! Not only are we here to provide boat lift service at the Lake of the Ozarks, but we want to do everything we can to keep your boat, dock and lift in tip-top shape, and that includes providing quality products such as the kasco de-icer. We want to make sure your boat is ready to hit the water when springtime rolls around!

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