Friday, January 12, 2018

3 Reasons to Invest in a Boat Lift Early in the Year

With this brutal weather we've been experiencing, your boat might be the furthest thing from your mind. However, now is the best time to be thinking about your boat and your boat lift. Boat show season kicked off last weekend with the Overland Park Boat Show and more shows are quickly approaching. Whether you're buying a new boat for the 2018 season and need a new lift for it or you don't have a lift for your current boat, Summerset Boat Lifts is here to hook you up!

1. Take Advantage of Great Deals. 

Boat show season is the time of year where you can get great deals on everything related to boating. From the actual boat to the boat lift and accessories, companies want to gain your business this time of year before things start picking up for the season. If you're looking for the best value, now's the time to look at purchasing a lift. Our Lake of the Ozarks boat lift company offers everything from personal watercraft lifts to large cruiser lifts.

2. Be the First One on the Water. 

When spring arrives, you want to be one of the first boats on the water! When you don't have a lift, you have to deal with dragging your boat to a launch site, getting it off the trailer, driving it over to your dock, and then getting it ready for a day out on the water. By having your boat on a lift, you can store your boat in the water during the off-season and when the warm weather arrives, you're ready to roll. You won't want to waste any time, so be prepared for spring by getting your lift now!

3. Get Quick Installation of Your Lift. 

During the off-season, boat lift installers aren't nearly as busy as they will be when spring rolls around. Those people that haven't touch their lifts since last season will be calling for maintenance and service. Therefore, now is the best time for new installs if you want it done quickly. Get ahead of the game and schedule the installation of your lift by the professionals at Summerset Boat Lifts. Not only will we get you setup with an awesome Galva-Hoist boat lift, but we'll be on your dock showing you how to use it properly.

At Summerset, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We don't just sell you a lift, we sell you our service. Be the early bird and get your new boat lift today. Already have a lift? Often times we can modify it to fit your new boat. Give us a call at 573-348-5073 for all your Lake of the Ozarks boat lift needs!

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