Friday, February 9, 2018

Boat Lifts: Making Boat Maintenance Easier

The best way to protect your boat and reduce your boat maintenance costs is to invest in a boat lift. All boats require regular maintenance, but with the help of a Lake of the Ozarks boat lift to keep your boat up out of the water, that maintenance can be significantly reduced. Keep reading to learn more about the ways that a boat lift can make your boat maintenance easier.

1. Keeps Your Boat Clean. 

One of the biggest benefits of storing your boat on a lift rather than down in the water is that is keeps the bottom of the boat clean for longer. Boat cleaning is a regular maintenance task that becomes much easier and much less frequent when the boat isn't constantly sitting in the water. When the boat sits in the water for long periods of time, algae and other contaminants can attach to the hull. This makes cleaning your boat much more difficult, requiring more cleaning time and higher maintenance costs.

2. Avoid Hull Delamination. 

A common issue with boats that are stored in the water for long periods of time is hull delamination. Delamination is the separation of layers of fiberglass cloth and resin from each other or from the core sandwiched between the layers. This is caused by physical stress to the hull, which ruptures the surface skin and allows water to enter and migrate to the core. When an area of the boat is delaminated, it becomes substantially weaker, which can lead to other issues with your boat. By lifting your boat out of the water with a Summerset Boat Lift, you can prevent that delamination from occuring.

3. Prevent Intake Fouling. 

Barnacles and zebra mussels can clog raw-water intakes and cause engine-cooling problems. If your boat is stored up on a lift instead of in the water, organisms won't have the ability to attach to the boat or work their way into the intake system. While anti-fouling paint and products are available, storing your boat on a lift is the best way to prevent intake fouling.

By investing in a Lake of the Ozarks Galva-Hoist boat lift, your boat will stay dry and out of the water when not in use. This will keep the integrity of your boat in tip-top shape, so you don't have to worry about it and can just enjoy the water! To get a lift for your boat, give us a call at 573-348-5073.

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