Friday, June 5, 2020

How a PWC Lift Can Make Your Life EASIER!

A personal watercraft is one of the most common toys for those who live on or near the water. It's a blast to hit the water for a quick cruise or get your thrills jumping waves. Either way, PWCs are an investment and it's important you care for them with a PWC lift at the Lake of the Ozarks. Here at Summerset Boat Lifts, we provide the best PWC and boat lifts around! Check out how a lift can make your life easier, as an owner of a PWC:

It's common knowledge that a lift can help protect your boat or PWC. Storing it up out of the water can help delay and even prevent corrosion that can happen if you leave your vessel in the water all season. From scum growing on the bottom of your PWC to it getting bounced around on a rough day, it's best to store on a PWC lift at the Lake of the Ozarks. A lift also makes it easy to launch your PWC. Whether it's a drive on or up on a hoist system, your PWC can be in the water and ready for action in no time! Our lifts even make it easy to place a cover on your PWC when you're done for the day.

PWC Lifts at Summerset

At Summerset Boat Lifts, we offer a variety of PWC lifts to meet your needs. For a single PWC, we offer a sidemount and a front-mount option. We also offer a double place style for those with more than one PWC that needs lifted out of the water.

Sidemount PWC Lift 

The side-mount mechanical lift is available for the homeowner with property line issues. It’s a space-saver in that the footprint on the dock is only 5 1/2 feet instead of 11 feet.

Single Place PWC Lift 

The flagship of our PWC line, the poly tank front-mount unit is quite capable of withstanding any water conditions. The design of the frame gives a smooth modern look and superior strength. The flotation tanks are some of the largest in the industry and this means you WILL have dry feet when you want to maintain or cover your craft, GUARANTEED.

Double Place PWC Lift 

The Double-Place Personal Watercraft lift is an extension of our popular single place design. For considerable price saving over purchasing two single’s, the double is available in several configurations. The width of the frame can be fit to most popular slip widths including 10, 11, 12 & 14’. The frame is also ideal for the discriminating boater that wants to fully deck the unit.


The PermaPort floating platform is an alternative in the PWC storage market. The PermaPort has a self-centering entry roller for easy drive-on and five additional keel rollers to make the push off effortless. A key feature is the expanded poly foam fill that gives positive floatation should the shell become compromised – other brands are simply “filled with air” and will “fill with water” when punctured… The front-mount bracket has been upgraded to be Lake of the Ozarks friendly as well.

If you're looking to invest in a personal watercraft or have one already that you'd like to better protect, there's no better place to go than Summerset Boat Lifts! We are proud to offer the Galva-Hoist product line of floating boat lifts! They're engineered to withstand the rough waters that the Lake of the Ozarks experiences each summer. Our new PWC lift sales are complimented by pre-owned sales so you can find a lift to fit your budget. Contact us today at 573-348-5073 for more information about our personal watercraft lifts at the Lake of the Ozarks!

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