Friday, March 18, 2016

17 Fun Facts About Boats

Spring is almost here and people are already jumping at the chance to get out on the Lake! Recent warmer temperatures have allowed for some people to have already taken their boats out for a spin this year. Whether you've been out recently or are still gearing up for a great season, Summerset Boat Lifts wants to help you kick off the boating season right! Here are some fun facts about boats that you may not know:

Boat Fun Facts

1. The difference between a boat and a ship is that boats are designed for rivers and lakes, while ships are made for seas and oceans.

2. There is only one boat in the King James Bible Old Testament (in 2 Samuel), but there are 37 ships.

3. Steamboat Willie was the first Disney cartoon with sound, released on November 18, 1928.

4. The curved timbers forming the interior ribs on the hulls of wooden ships are known as "futtocks."

5. A "scuttlebutt" is the cask on a ship used to hold drinking water.

6. There is a Royal Navy superstition that whistling on a ship can summon strong winds.

7. In 2004, a study was published showing that retiring to a cruise ship was often as cost effective as retiring to a retirement home and was more effective in providing quality of life.

8. In 2004, a party yacht tipped over when the passengers all moved to one side of the boat as it passed a nude beach in Texas. 

9. During WW2, a Dutch warship was disguised as a tropical island to escape detection by the Japanese. it was the only ship of its class to survive. 

10. Native Americans used to make boats by digging out the inside of a log. These are the earliest canoes. 

11. The oldest recovered boat is believed to be between 7,000 and 10,000 years old. 

12. There are approximately 18 million boats owned by Americans for recreational use today. 

13. Rock drawings dated to around 4000 BC show that Egyptian boats were made from papyrus and reeds.

14. Some luxury yachts can reach lengths of over 230 feet, with the longest one on record reaching 492 feet long!  

15. The America's Cup is awarded to the winner of a series of races between sailing yachts. Originally awarded in 1851, it is the oldest international sporting trophy in the world. 

16. The most expensive yacht in the world, bought in 2013, is 590 feet long and is worth $627 million.

17. The cruise liner Queen Elizabeth 2 moves only 6 inches for each gallon of diesel that it burns.

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