Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Trivia to Kick Off the Holiday Weekend

Kick off your Easter weekend with these fun trivia questions from Summerset Boat Lifts! Quiz your friends and family and see how much they know about one of the biggest holidays of the year.

Easter Trivia Questions

1. Jellybeans are the second most popular Easter candy. What is the most popular color jellybean?

A. Red
B. Yellow
C. Blue
D. Green

2. What is the traditional English Easter game called pace-egging? 

A. Smashing hard-boiled eggs together to find the toughest one.
B. An egg and spoon race, but with a spatula instead of a spoon.
C. Rolling painted hard-boiled eggs down a hill.
D. Blowing hard-boiled eggs along a table top.

3. What was the purpose of the Easter Act of 1928 (in the British Parliament)? 

A. To protect Easter from commercialism.
B. To provide a fixed date for Easter.
C. To shorten the Easter school holidays.
D. To return Easter to its pagan roots.

4. When eating a chocolate bunny, 76% of people eat which part first? 

A. Chest
B. Tail
C. Feet
D. Ears

5. Where is the world's largest collection of Easter eggs? 

A. Poland
B. Germany
C. France
D. Italy

6. If you want good luck in the coming year, what do you have to do on Easter? 

A. Eat hard-boiled eggs.
B. Find the golden Easter egg.
C. Wear a new piece of clothing.
D. Kiss the Easter bunny.

7. What type of bread is associated with Easter? 

A. Cinnamon Rolls
B. Banana Bread
C. Hot Cross Buns
D. Monkey Bread

8. How much did the world's most expensive egg sell for? 

A. $9.5 Million
B. $1 Million
C. $15 Thousand
D. $100 Thousand

9. How many marshmallow peeps get eaten every year in America? 

A. 3 Million
B. 700 Million
C. 60 Million
D. 300 Million

10. Where is the world's largest chocolate bunny located? 

A. South Africa
B. Germany
C. Canada
D. Poland

11. Which flower is associated with Easter? 

A. Lily
B. Tulip
C. Daffodil
D. Iris

12. When was the first Easter egg roll at the White House? 

A. 1867
B. 1878
C. 1846
D. 1895


1. A - Red
2. C - Rolling painted hard-boiled eggs down a hill.
3. B - To provide a fixed date for Easter.
4. D - Ears
5. A - Poland
6. C - Wearing a new piece of clothing.
7. C - Hot Cross Buns
8. A - $9.5 Million
9. B - 700 Million
10. A - South Africa
11. A - Lily
12. B - 1878

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