Wednesday, July 3, 2019

7 Things to Pack for a Fun Holiday Weekend on the Boat

Are you planning a weekend out on the Lake of the Ozarks this 4th of July? With the long holiday weekend, the Lake will be a popular place over the next few days. Boating is a top activity in the area and our boat lift company at the Lake of the Ozarks knows how much fun it is to spend time out on the water with your friends and family. Check out some things you should remember to bring with you as you prepare for your boating activities this weekend!

1) Fuel Up With Snacks

Depending on how long you're planning to stay out on the water, you might want to bring some snacks. Even if you're planning to stop at one of the local waterfront restaurants for lunch or dinner, boating works up an appetite. Having some snacks on board can hold you over until you reach your stop. Fruit, chips and nuts are all easy snacks to bring for a fun day on the water. You might even consider packing some sandwiches if you don't want to spend money stopping for food.

2) Pack Plenty of Bottled Water

The 2nd most important item to bring on the boat, which might actually be tied with number 1, is bottled water. It's extremely easy to become dehydrated while out in the sun all day on a boat. Make sure you bring enough bottled water for everyone on the boat to stay well hydrated throughout the day. If you're drinking alcohol on the boat, your chances of becoming de-hydrated are even higher, so be sure those people get plenty of water as well.

3) Don't Forget the Beach Towel

What's better than boating all day? Jumping off the boat into the cool lake water or riding on an inflatable behind the boat! Once you get back on the boat though, you'll want to have a towel to dry off. When you get going fast, the wind against your wet skin can be quite chilly. Beach towels will come in handy to not only dry yourself off but to also dry the seat or other items on board that might accidentally become wet.

4) Protect Your Face with Sunglasses and a Hat

In addition to sunscreen, you'll want some sunglasses to protect your eyes from the suns harmful rays. The summer sun at the Lake of the Ozarks is bright, especially when it's gleaming off the water. You'll get tired of squinting all day long, so grab a pair of sunglasses and maybe even a hat. A big floppy hat for the ladies not only looks cute but also protects your eyes, face and sometimes even your shoulders from the sun.

5) Regularly Apply Sunscreen

The #1 item you don't want to forget when you're preparing for a day on the water is sunscreen! Even if your boat has an awning, you'll want to make sure you protect your skin from the suns rays. While some people are lucky enough to just tan, it doesn't take much for the rest of us to burn. Either way, everyone should use sunscreen, and be sure to re-apply it throughout the day. Don't forget your lips can burn too, so bring some chap-stick with SPF in it too.

6) Pack Extra Clothes and a Jacket

If you're planning on staying on the water until the evening hours, you might consider bringing a dry change of clothes and a jacket. It can get pretty chilly on the water at night after the sun has gone down. You don't want to be wet and freezing the entire ride home. If you have children, you might consider bringing a blanket for them to cuddle up with for the cool ride back. Grab a beach bag to throw everything in to keep it together and dry!

7) Bring Your Cell Phone and Charger

In case of inclement weather, getting lost or some other type of emergency, you'll want to have a cellphone on board to call for help. Be sure you know how to reach the water patrol or coast guard if needed. The phone can also come in handy to blast your favorite music or keep the kids entertained if they get tired of being out in the hot sun. Be sure to bring a charger as well in case it runs out of juice.

Now that you have a list of things to pack as you hit the water this holiday, you're ready for a fun day on the Lake of the Ozarks. If you run into an issue with your boat lift at the Lake of the Ozarks, it can put a damper on your boating day. Give Summerset Boat Lifts a call if you notice an issue with your boat lift this holiday weekend. We look forward to getting you back out on the water with confidence!
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