Friday, February 26, 2021

Boat Lift & Dock Maintenance Checks Before Boating Season

The recent weather has taken a toll on many docks and boat lifts in the past several days. From below freezing temps last week to the unseasonably warm temps this week, a lot of damage is found around waterfront properties at the Lake of the Ozarks. If you have a dock and boat lift at the Lake of the Ozarks, consider going through these maintenance checks before you use your dock this spring. 

Inspect Dock for Damage

The frozen water combined with the lowering lake level has created a dangerous combination for docks across the Lake of the Ozarks. If you can visibly see damage, it's important to recruit the help of a professional to ensure your dock is fixed property and to code. Even if there is no physical damage visible to the eye, it's a good idea to have your dock checked out by a professional to ensure no unseen structural damage has occurred. 

Conduct a Lift Maintenance Check

Your boat lift was put through the ringer with the recent temperature drop and ice quickly forming across the Lake of the Ozarks. Ice forming against your lift can quickly cause damage to the metal bracing that supports your lift. It's important to schedule a boat lift maintenance check at the Lake of the Ozarks before you move your lift up or down this spring. 

Schedule Electrical Inspection of Dock

With docks being pulled away from the shore and many cat walks being stretched to the max, the electrical hook ups and lines to your dock have likely been compromised. Dock electrical is not something to leave to chance. Ensure your dock electric system is inspected before you start using your dock this season. 

Even a week later, the ice is still THICK and causing damage to your dock and lift!

We recommend having your property looked at before you start using your dock and lift this boating season. Our boat lift maintenance crew has already been called out to conduct checks on lifts so be sure to call now to get on the books before the warmth of boating season is here! Contact Summerset Boat Lifts at 573-348-5073 today!

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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Perks of Buying at a Boat Show

Boat show season is here and our 2nd show of the year well be here before we know it! Our boat lift company at the Lake of the Ozarks is busy preparing for the St. Charles Boat Show from March 4th - March 7th. If you're planning to attend the boat show, we've included some of the perks of buying during a boat show! Check them out: 

Save Big on Boat Show Deals

Many vendors will have specials for the boat show. This is your chance to maximize and take advantage of the savings on the boating product you've been wishing for. Just in time for boating season, you'll be able to use the new item you purchase at the show in just a few short weeks!

See It Before You Buy

There's something special about seeing a product in person. You get the see and feel the item you're about the purchase and get a good idea of how it's going to benefit you and your boating needs. The off-water shows also give you the chance to see a lift from a different perspective -- out of the water and on dry land! You can really see what you're going to purchase at a boat show.

Check Out Multiple Options in One Convenient Location

Time is money and the easier it is to visit with multiple vendors, the better. You can easily compare products and prices at a boat show. Instead of making phone call after phone call or stopping by showroom after showroom, you can take just a few steps and visit with another business about your boating needs.

Don't Miss the St. Charles Boat Show

The Lake of the Ozarks Marine Dealers Association is excited to host the St. Charles Boat Show for 2021! This is the premiere show for boating enthusiasts all over the Midwest and certainly in the St Louis market. Here you can find all the information you need on this great show. We will see you at the St. Charles Convention Center March 4th - 7th! Be sure to stop by the Summerset Boat Lifts booth and say hi! We can't wait to see how you're doing and help get you geared up for the 2021 boating season at the Lake of the Ozarks!

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Friday, February 12, 2021

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Top Boating Events at the Lake of the Ozarks You Won't Want to Miss

We know this icy weather has you dreaming about a warm summer day out on the boat and our latest blog is focusing on all things warm weather and boating! That's right, the best boat lift company at the Lake of the Ozarks is showcasing a few of the top boating events that are just around the corner for the 2021 season. Don't forget to mark your calendar now and make plans to attend these awesome boating events at the Lake of the Ozarks! 

LOMDA St. Charles Boat Show

Mar 04, 2021 - Mar 07, 2021

St. Charles Convention Center

One of the top boat shows in the state that draws a ton of Lake of the Ozarks vendors to showcase all the must-haves to experience life at the Lake of the Ozarks. 

St. Patrick's Parade on the Water

Mar 13, 2021

Captain Ron's Bar & Grill

Bring the boat out and participate in one of the most fun parades of the year -- a boat parade for St. Patrick's Day. 

LOMDA Spring In-Water Boat Show

Apr 16, 2021 - Apr 18, 2021

Dog Days Bar & Grill

Check out the hottest buys just before the 2021 boating season gets underway. Stop by to check out some amazing products from Lake of the Ozarks dealers, suppliers, and businesses. 

Spring Big Bass Bash

Apr 17, 2021 - Apr 18, 2021

Lake of the Ozarks State Park

Take your chances at reeling in the big one for the grand prize! This fishing tournament is jam-packed with fun and awesome prizes throughout the event. 

24th Annual Spring Harbor Hop

May 01, 2021

Various Waterfront Bars, Restaurants, and Marina's

Grab cards at every stop and see who has the best poker hand at the end of the run. It's a fun way to visit various waterfront venues and spend a day out on the water to kick off the season! 

Lake Race

Jun 04, 2021 - Jun 06, 2021


Don't miss some of the fastest boats as they travel around the circle-style track on water. 

33rd Annual Lake of the Ozarks Shootout

Aug 28, 2021 - Aug 29, 2021

Captain Ron's

This shootout style race is one of the most popular boating events at the Lake of the Ozarks. Who will get the fastest run in 2021!?

LOMDA Fall In-Water Boat Show

Sep 24, 2021 - Sep 26, 2021

Captain Ron's Bar & Grill

Take advantage of end of season sales and inventory liquidations as boat dealers and other boating related products are showcased at the in-water boat show. 

Fall Big Bass Bash

Oct 02, 2021 - Oct 03, 2021

Lake Wide

Test your luck as you cast a line in hopes of catching the biggest bass of the weekend! Don't miss this fun tournament filled with amazing prizes. 

36th Annual Fall Harbor Hop

Oct 09, 2021

Multiple Waterfront Locations

End the boating season in style by closing out the season with a Harbor Hop where you can stop at various waterfront bars and restaurants in hopes of getting the best poker hand!

Whether you live at the Lake of the Ozarks or you plan on visiting this summer, you won't want to miss these awesome boating events. If you're planning to participate or attend some of these boating events, don't forget to ensure your boat lift is in good working order before the event so you and your crew can get out on the water with confidence and without any hiccups! Contact our Central Missouri boat lift company today to get your boat lift maintenance at the Lake of the Ozarks on the books! 

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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Reasons to Invest in a Dock De-Icer

The bitter cold is about to hit mid-Missouri and if you haven't already, now's the time to consider protecting your dock, boat, and lift from the potential of damaging ice formation. Our boat lift company at the Lake of the Ozarks knows how much damage ice can cause and we don't want to see that happen to your property! A de-icer rotates warmer water down deep to the surface to prevent ice from forming near your dock. Keeping your dock, lift, and boat from potential damage of ice -- it's a great investment for those cold Missouri winters! Learn why you should purchase your Kasco De-Icer from Summerset Boat Lifts today!

Prevent Damage

Ice forming against your dock can cause damage in a number of ways.  From compromising the structure of your dock to puncturing the tubs that keep it afloat, it's best if ice does not form against your dock at all. Help prevent this kind of ice damage when you invest in a de-icer to keep the warm water rotating from the bottom of the lake up and around your dock. 

Keep Property in Good Condition

Ice does not always cause permanent damage right away but it can wear down the integrity of your property. Having ice form against your dock year after year can cause it to need costly repairs sooner than it would require otherwise. Over time, it can also cause hard to notice issues that can be detrimental to the structure of your property!

Preserve the Value of Property

Your dock, lift, and boat are all big investments for your summer fun. Help increase the longevity of each investment when you prevent ice from forming against them in the winter months. It really is an investment to help keep your property nicer, for longer so you can enjoy your lake toys for years to come!

What are you waiting for? A round of cold weather is going to hit our area soon and there is no better time to protect your summer accessories than with a de-icer at the Lake of the Ozarks! Give Summerset Boat Lifts a call today to order yours!

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