Saturday, August 14, 2021

All About Galva-Hoist Boat Lifts

Not all boat lifts at the Lake of the Ozarks are made equal. Our lifts are manufactured with the conditions found at the Lake of the Ozarks in mind. From PWC lifts all the way up to custom 46,000 lb cruiser lifts, Galva-Hoist is second to none! Learn more about the Galva-Hoist brand, the only boat lift that Summerset Boat Lifts uses for our customers! 

All About Galva-Hoist:

Summerset Boat Lifts is proud to offer Galva-Hoist products to our customers. This line is engineered at the Lake of the Ozarks, for the Lake of the Ozarks. It's extremely capable of withstanding the roughest waters. Galva-Hoist provides great value while showcasing great performance. No matter what brand of boat or dock you have, Galva-Hoist is the best boat lift at the Lake of the Ozarks!

Perks of a Galva-Hoist:

  • Help keep your boat clean and free of marine growth.
  • Help keep your boat stable within your boat slip. 
  • Help keep your boat value at its highest. 
  • Help keep your boat conveniently ready to use. 

As Galva-Hoist, we want to help our clientele enjoy their boating experience. The passionate boater wants a clean, well-performing watercraft. What better way to ensure your boat stays clean than to moor it on a Galva-Hoist!

Galva-Hoist Boat Lift Options:

Shallow Boat Lifts

Shallow water is nothing new and neither are shallow water boat lifts. There is nothing exclusive or unique about them either. Galva-Hoist Shallow Water Boat Lifts simply save water depth by utilizing smaller diameter pipe in multiples to create the same great boating experience. Shallow water? Don’t get stuck, buy a Galva-Hoist Shallow Water Boat Lift and go boating!

Front-Mount Boat Lifts

The perfect solution to a double-wide boat slip? A Galva-Hoist front-mount boat lift of course. Available in capacities as large as 10,000 pounds, the Galva-Hoist frame is simply the strongest in the market. You’ll not find a nicer lift for the footprint.

3" Mega Rough-Water Mechanism

The heavy-duty Galva-Hoist gets an upgrade to MEGA when the mechanism rotates up to 3” square tubing to control the roll. The entire movement of the boat lift gets a face lift with bigger bushings, bigger arms, bigger clamps, and bigger bolts. If you are in extreme rough water, this MEGA boat lift will be just right for you!

Catamaran Capable Boat Lift

Galva-Hoist has the perfect setup when it comes to Catamarans. Tunnel lifting? Zero issue. Need to lift on the spray rails? From pleasure boats to Poker Runs and full-blown canopy racing – Your new Galva-Hoist will protect the investment of your high performance catamaran …Guaranteed.

Your Boat Deserves a Galva-Hoist!

From canoes to PWCs to cruisers, Summerset Boat Lifts has you covered with our exclusive Galva-Hoist line of boat lifts at the Lake of the Ozarks. We've been lifting your dreams since 1982 and we'll continue to do so for many years to come! We love providing the best boat lifts at the Lake of the Ozarks to our clients! Our service doesn't stop there -- our maintenance and customer service will blow you away! Experience the best when you buy from Summerset Boat Lifts!

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3 Tips to Prep Your Lift for the Off Season

The end of the boating season is right around the corner. As sad as that is, it's still important to protect your investment and prepare it for the winter months to come. Our Lake of the Ozarks boat lift company knows how vital it is to have the proper boat lift checks and maintenance performed on your boat lift at the Lake of the Ozarks. Don't miss these important tips from Summerset Boat Lifts to ensure your lift is prepared for the off-season!

1. Look at Boat Lift

Physically look over your boat lift. If you see any physical issues or notice it isn't functioning like it used to, it's important to call in a professional to look it over. A minor problem now could lead to a major problem or lift failure throughout the winter months. Ensure your lift looks and runs like it should before you put your boat up for the season. 

2. Purchase a Dock De-Icer

A de-icer pushes warmer water from below the surface up to the surface. This helps keep water moving at the top of the water near your dock and boat lift with the goal of preventing ice formation. If warmer water is moving, it is much more difficult for ice to form at the top of the water. Last winter, the Lake of the Ozarks area experienced widespread ice damage to docks and lifts as ice formed completely around docks and lifts, preventing their natural movements from taking place. This caused many docks and lifts to be bent, broken, or damaged in other ways. Consider a de-icer from Summerset Boat Lifts to help prevent ice damage to your dock and lift. 

3. Schedule Lift Maintenance Check

It's a good idea to have your boat lift maintenance performed twice a year. Once in the fall and once in the spring. This fall check up makes sure your lift is prepared and in sound condition to safely store your boat all winter long. The spring check up is to ensure your lift is ready for the movements it's about to see as the boating season kicks off again. 

Bonus Tips:

Secure Boat for Off-Season

While many believe your boat is secure up on a lift, it's recommended to add a few additional security measures, especially in the long off-season. Ensure your boat is tied down to the dock. In the event of lift failure, you'll want your boat to stay in place and attached to your dock until you can get your lift repaired. Also, ensure your boat cover is placed properly and securely before you store your boat for the winter. A snug and secure cover will help keep animals that can cause a great deal of damage out of your boat. 

Schedule Boat Winterization

Don't forget to winterize your boat this fall! The winterization process involves draining all required fluids to help prevent your motor from freezing and cracking during the winter months. A cracked motor can cost thousands of dollars to repair -- it's best to schedule your boat winterization before it slips your mind! 

Even if you're planning to take advantage of boating a few more weeks, it's important to schedule your end-of-season maintenance checks before long. Help protect your boat and boat lift at the Lake of the Ozarks when you have regular maintenance and end-of-season maintenance performed on each. To schedule your Lake of the Ozarks boat lift maintenance, contact our team at Summerset today! We look forward to looking over your lift and making sure it's ready to keep your boat hoisted safely in the air for the cold winter months ahead. 

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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Tips for Boating with Kids

Boating is a fun activity for the entire family to enjoy! From cruising down the lake to dining on the water to tubing in a cove, there are tons of ways to keep your entire family entertained on the water. Whether you have kids of your own or you're bringing friends out that have young ones, our boat lift company at the Lake of the Ozarks knows it's important to prepare with some tips for a successful day on the boat when kids are involved. Check out some quick boating with kids tips, provided by Summerset Boat Lifts:

Bring Plenty of Sunscreen

Children's skin is much more sensitive than adults. It's important that you have a high SPF sunscreen readily available for kiddos to use on your boat. And don't forget to apply sunscreen often. Once every few hours is recommended to help avoid a painful burn for the kids who are boating with you. 

Ensure Life Jackets Fit Correctly

It's the law to have a lifejacket on board for every passenger on your boat. It's even more so important to know the laws regarding children and life jackets. Every child under the age of 13 is required to wear a lifejacket on a moving boat. Ensure your children passengers are abiding by the laws as the driver of the boat may be held responsible if they are not. It's not only important for every child to have a life jacket on, it's vital that it fits properly. Life jackets should be secured snugly to best protect the child and keep them afloat if needed. 

Plan to Stay Hydrated

Having plenty of water on the boat helps create a safe and successful day of boating. Kid's bodies aren't made to be out in the heat and they often work themselves past the point of exhaustion due to having so much fun on the water. Ensure the children on board are drinking plenty of water to stay well hydrated! 

Pack Filling Snacks

Just like staying hydrated, it's important that the kiddos on your boat are staying fueled with snacks. Things like beef jerky, peanut butter crackers, and other protein-packed food items are great options to have on board. Kids get very distracted playing in the water and having fun on the boat that oftentimes they don't realize how hungry they actually are! Keep filling snacks readily available to keep the kids feeling good and energized for all the boating excitement. 

Bring Entertainment

Boating itself is entertaining for a while but many kids have a short attention span. Have fun activities for them to do while boating. This can involve ways to participate in watersports like skiing, tubing, or wakeboarding. Other great ideas are planning to cove out. Bring water toys and floaties to make your coving-out experience entertaining for everyone! You can also plan to break up the day by stopping at a waterfront restaurant for a meal to stay entertained. 

What are you waiting for? Now's the perfect time to plan your family outing on the water. If your boat lift at the Lake of the Ozarks isn't reliable as it used to be, it's important to get it looked over. A minor issue can turn into a costly situation in a hurry if your lift isn't functioning like it should. Contact our Lake of the Ozarks boat lift maintenance department today to schedule your maintenance check! You'll have peace of mind knowing your equipment is protecting your boat or PWC like it should!

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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Can't Miss Boating Events at the Lake of the Ozarks

The summer months are filled with exciting events at the Lake of the Ozarks and the fun doesn't have to stop! There are still some fantastic boating events on the lineup for the 2021 season at our beautiful lake. As the best boat lift company at the Lake of the Ozarks, we know how thrilling it is to attend these awesome boat-related events on your boat. We're here to help protect that boat with a new boat lift at the Lake of the Ozarks to ensure your boat is in tip top shape so you can to and from local events by water with confidence. Check out a few of the most popular upcoming boating events!

Photo Credit: Fun Lake


Aug 28, 2021 - Aug 29, 2021

Captain Ron's

The Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, held at Captain Ron's Bar & Grill and the 33MM-34.5MM, will bring top powerboat racers and off shore racing power boats from across the country, topping 200 MPH. The largest unsanctioned boat race in the Midwest with over 100 racers and 100,000 spectators.

Photo Credit: Fun Lake


Oct 2, 2021 - Oct 3, 2021

Lake Wide

Big Bass Event for Amateur Anglers with 5 weigh in locations across The Lake. Take advantage of your chance to reel in the fish of a lifetime! The Big Bass Bash is a bass tournament designed for amateurs only. Its unique format allows the weekend angler a chance to win big money like the professionals. Unlike most fishing tournaments which have a team arrangement where prizes are based on total weight, the Big Bass Bash format is distinctive in that it only takes one fisherman just one big bass to win.

Photo Credit: Fun Lake


Saturday, October 9, 2021

Draw cards at more than 40 locations around the Lake of the Ozarks to make a winning poker hand in the Harbor Hop.  Enter at any of the Harbor Hop locations and enjoy the stops around the Lake before turning in your hand by 7 p.m.

Now's the perfect time to start planning which of these (if not all) boating events you & your boating crew are going to attend. Here at Summerset Boat Lifts, we want to help ensure your boat is ready for all the upcoming boating festivities this summer and fall. Give us a call today to schedule your boat lift maintenance at the Lake of the Ozarks to ensure your lift is ready for all the action it's going to see these next few months!

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Sunday, August 1, 2021

7 Dock Safety Tips to Keep Top of Mind

Many boaters at the Lake of the Ozarks spend time on their docks. From soaking up the sun by the water to floating in the water on a warm day to boarding your boat, there are many times you'll find yourself hanging out on your dock. While Summerset Boat Lifts knows your dock is a place for great times to be had, it's also a potentially dangerous place to spend time. Our boat lift company at the Lake of the Ozarks is here to provide some safety tips for spending time around your dock. 

1. Ensure Kids Wear Life Jackets

Kids should always wear a life jacket when on the dock. Even if the children don't plan on swimming, a life jacket can keep them afloat, should a child fall in the water by accident. Kids can be unpredictable at times and may not be the most stable walkers on a moving dock so it is best to keep a life jacket on any kiddos that are on your dock. 

2. Keep Walkways Clear

Ensure your main walkways are clear of clutter to avoid a dangerous tripping hazard. Encourage your guests to store loose items out of the heavy foot traffic spots on your dock to make it a safer place for everyone to navigate. If you have a spot on your dock that is slick when it gets wet, keep it cleaned off and dry to avoid any slips in that location. Also, warn dock attendees about any dangerous spots and remind them to watch their step in those locations.  

3. Don't Lean Over the Edge of the Dock

Avoid leaning over the edge of your dock. We understand this can be tricky if you are working on something on your dock or if you're cleaning your boat. If you need to lean over the water while on the dock, have another person on your dock for safety reasons. If you happen to go over the edge, this other helper will be able to assist you in getting safely out of the water. 

4. Offer Floatation Devices for All Swimmers

Encourage all swimmers to have some sort of floatation device handy, especially if there is alcohol involved in your lake day. Even strong swimmers can quickly become fatigued out in the summer sun all day. Whether it's a noodle, a floaty, or a life jacket, ensure all of the swimmers near your dock have a way to stay afloat in hand. 

5. Only Walk on the Dock

Let all guests know that you would prefer no one run on the dock. Running can quickly cause a slip and fall. While this may cause an injury, it can also cause an even more dangerous situation if someone falls into the water by a boat lift or next to a boat. The underwater bracing of a boat lift can be hard to navigate, especially if you're not expecting it during a fall. 

6. Know the Whereabouts of Dock Guests

Keep tabs on all of your guests as they are on your dock and/or swimming around it. Have a buddy system in place where each person has another person they are to keep tabs on. This ensures every person is safe while having a great time at your dock!

7. Avoid Swimming Next to Dock in Rough Water

Docks can be dangerous to be next to, especially if the water is rough in your location. A large wave can push you against the dock, or even worse, under it. Make sure you're swimming a safe distance away from your dock at all times. Encourage anyone who is jumping in the water to jump away from the dock, and not straight down, as well. 

Take these simple steps to make your dock a safer place! As the best boat lift company at the Lake of the Ozarks, we want you and your crew to have a great time & enjoy making memories with your friends and family. We also want you to be safe while spending time on and around your dock! Start putting these safety tips into action today and you'll create a safer place for everyone on and around your boat dock!

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