Friday, March 27, 2020

Ways Boating Can Bring You Joy While Practicing Social Distancing

With the virus quickly spreading, it's recommended to stay home and practice social distancing. If you must be in contact with someone that you don't share a home with, it's best to stay 6 feet apart. This can make many normal activities tricky but boating is actually a great way to enjoy the great outdoors while practicing social distancing. Our boat lift company at the Lake of the Ozarks knows there's some beautiful days ahead and we want to encourage any boat owner that can to get out on the  water and enjoy! If you haven't had your spring boat lift maintenance at the Lake of the Ozarks performed, give Summerset Boat Lifts a call today and we'll ensure your lift is ready to take on the busy months ahead! If you're curious how your boat can come into play when being socially distant, take a look at a few ideas below:

Photo Credit: Fun Lake

Cruise Down the Lake

You've been itching to get out on the water and this is the perfect opportunity. A simple afternoon cruise down the water may be just want you need! Fresh air after being cooped up inside can do the body and mind some good. What's your favorite area to cruise this time of year?

Go Fishing

You always say you wish you had more time to fish. Well, here's your chance! Gather your fishing gear, jump in your boat, and hit the water. You never know, you may find a new sweet spot!

Clean Your Boat & Dock Up for Spring

It may not be the most fun option, but it's got to be done at some point this spring! Clean up your boat and tidy up your dock while the weather is nice but not too warm. If you clean your boat up now, the next nice day you'll be able to get out there and play!

Dine on the Water

While many water restaurants are closed, some of offering take out options. You can actually order, pick up your food, and then eat it on the comfort of your boat. Another option is to pack a picnic and dine out on the water that way!

Start a Boat Parade 

Everyone could use a little more joy these days. Make a parade out of your boat ride. Before you know it, you may have all your neighbors out on their decks waving back or better yet, on their boats joining in!
Photo Credit: Fun Lake
No matter how you choose to distance yourself from others during this virus pandemic, we're here for all of your Lake of the Ozarks boat lift needs. Our team will practice safe distancing while we're working on your lift, as well. We look forward to seeing you all out on the boat over the next few weeks and don't forget to call Summerset Boat Lifts for all of your boat lift needs!
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Friday, March 13, 2020

Spring Boat Lift Maintenance Checks

As boating season nears you may start preparing for your first time out on the lake this spring. Before you lower the boat for the first time this season, there are a few boat lift maintenance checks you'll want to perform on your Lake of the Ozarks boat lift. Ensuring your lift is ready for the first movement of the seasons can help prevent any damage or further damage to your lift. Here at Summerset Boat Lifts, we've provided a list of things you should check as you gear up for boating season.

Inspect Lift for Damage

If your lift has visible damage, it's important to have that repaired as soon as possible. A broken brace or support arm could cause your lift to fail and your boat to end up damaged and in the water. If you notice a broken piece on your lift, it's best to stay away from the boat as it could fall at anytime and contact a boat lift maintenance company at the Lake of the Ozarks immediate.

Check for Clearance

The winter months mean lower lake levels. Ensure your lift has adequate clearance below your slip. Hitting the rough and rocky ground can cause damage to your lift. From jolting and knocking the bracing lose to a rock puncturing a tank, there are many potential dangers that lurk at the bottom of the lake for your boat lift. Another thing to consider is any other items that may have moved underneath the water. Ensure your lift is clear of any tree stump or other underwater obstacle that may have shifted locations throughout the winter months

Lubricate Moving Parts

The moving joints of your boat lift have been stationary for the past few months. With the freezing temps and mixed in warm days, the moving parts may have some extra friction. Before lowering your lift, lubricate the lift arms and joints to ensure a smooth transition through the stages of the lift can be achieved by these brackets.

Schedule Lift Maintenance

It's best to have a professional come check over your lift before you can be certain it's ready for the busy boating season ahead. Our maintenance crew can be over to your dock and inspecting your lift in no time! Contact us today to schedule your boat lift service at the Lake of the Ozarks.

What are you waiting for? Now's the perfect time to ensure your lift is ready for some boating action this spring and summer! If you're not up for performing these maintenance checks yourself, contact the best boat lift company at the Lake of the Ozarks to schedule your maintenance. Summerset Boat Lifts is here for all of your boat lift needs. From boat lift maintenance at the Lake of the Ozarks to installing a new boat lift, we have you and your boat covered!
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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Spring De-Winterization is Near

Spring is almost here and now's the time to start planning your de-winterization process. From your boat to your dock, there are a few steps that you should take as you prepare for boating season. Not only is it important to prepare your boat for the season, you'll want to ensure your Lake of the Ozarks boat lift and dock are in proper working order, as well. Our boat lift company at the Lake of the Ozarks is here to help as you prepare to de-winterize your summer toys. Check out some tips below:

Replace Fluids in Boat

In the fall we winterize, in the spring we de-winterize. Now's the time to schedule your de-winterization. This is when all the anti-freeze fluids can be flushed out of your boat and motor, and be replaced with proper fluids for a season full of family, fun, and new boating memories!

Visually Check Over Boat Lift

Before lowering your lift down for the first time, ensure all lift arms and joints look as they should. If there is visible damage, contact our boat lift maintenance department immediately! Our team can help repair your lift and hopefully get you squared away before causing any further damage to your vessel.

Ensure No Damage to Dock

Look at and around your dock the first time you visit your boating area for the season. Ensure no physical damage is visible. Don't forget to check the water level. Low winter levels can leave your dock sitting on dry land, which can cause various problems to the tubes holding up your dock and potentially your lift if it gets lowered. Be aware of this potential damage and do what you can to be proactive.

Deep Clean Your Dock and Boat

Winter grime can leave your dock and water toys looking dull. Liven them up with a fresh clean look! Take some time to clean up your dock and boat to prepare for another awesome season on the water at the Lake of the Ozarks!

Call the Pros:

Your boating equipment is an investment and it's recommended that the professionals perform regular service checks to ensure everything is in good working order. That applies to de-winterizing your boat, prepping your boat lift for the season, and having your dock inspected.

What are you waiting for? Now's the perfect time to start de-winterizing your summer toys. From your boat to PWC to dock, it's important your boating toys are ready to go come boating season. Contact Summerset Boat Lifts today and one of our service team members will be on your dock in no time ensuring your lift is ready to go for summer fun! Give us a call today to schedule your boat lift maintenance at the Lake of the Ozarks.

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