Friday, June 17, 2022

3 Sure Ways to Make Boating with Your Pup More Enjoyable

We know that you love your pup more than anything. Want another way to spend time with them this summer? Bring them with you boating on Lake of the Ozarks this summer! Dogs’ worlds revolve around their owner. Boating with them is another opportune bonding moment.

At Summerset Boat Lifts, we understand you want to enjoy your boat in as many ways as possible (especially with your pup.) Quality over quantity, right? Here are some ways you can now start enjoying the boat with your doggo aboard for a long time to come.

1. Bring extra water aboard for you AND the pup (so they don’t drink the lake water)

Heat waves are coming in hot this summer! Yes, we are going to remind you of the cliché to stay hydrated. 

Stay hydrated!

Both pupper and you need to have water handy while sailing all day long. Not only are we trying to avoid heat stroke this summer, but also, this refrains your dog from drinking the lake water and ultimately, causing illness.

Plus, let’s be realistic… Water helps maintain yours and pup’s energy all day long. Long lake days are the best ones!

2. Take safety precautions

We are sure your definition of fun doesn’t include doggo disasters, so we think it’s important to consider pet safety as a top priority. There are a few things to consider before getting your best friend aboard. 

Yes, there are such thing as dog life vests. They can be found at specific pet shops and even, sometimes, boating shops. If worse comes to worst, your dog will be able to float in the water a lot easier than without a vest.

Another factor most dog owners do not take into consideration is sunscreen (and we don’t mean just for you.) Dog sunscreen is super crucial for most breeds of dogs with short hair. No need to worry—lightweight sunscreen, such as, SPF 15 should cover it. Be sure to check that the sunscreen is unscented or has a natural scent to avoid skin irritation.

Hopefully you have considered a plan of action when it comes to emergencies. When bringing your pup aboard, make sure that you update that emergency plan to include them. Accidents happen. Be prepared!

Let’s face it, the less time you have to deal with anything that goes wrong, the better. This preparation is stress relief. Ahhhh.

3. Put your boat on a boatlift 

More than anything, we want you and your family (even the furriest members) to enjoy your boating adventures together for a long time. Most don’t know this, but there are ways to elongate your boat’s lifetime.

Invest in a boatlift for your boat! Summerset has found that most boaters wish they would have gotten a boatlift sooner to protect their boat.

I know you are wondering why it’s so beneficial to have a boatlift in your possession. 

Keeping your boat above water when not in use, helps with less maintenance and upkeep. In fact, we have seen significant reduction in boat repairment after customers’ get their boatlift. 

Additionally, boatlifts are a huge convenience. We don’t know about you, but it’s a good summer day when you are able to get in your boat with your dog and sail off within minutes.

Imagine being able to give your dog a lifetime worth of boating. Enjoyment on the lake is the top of our priority list for you and your furry friends.

When planning your next day out on the boat, consider the best ways to enjoy your time.

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See you on the lake!

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