Friday, June 24, 2022

5 Ways to Make Your Dock a Safer Place

 If you own a waterfront home at the Lake of the Ozarks, there’s a good chance you have a dock on your property. Our boat lift company at the Lake of the Ozarks knows how important it is to keep you and your guests safe on and around your dock this summer. Check out a few of our dock safety tips for a safe and fun summer ahead!

1. Avoid Leaning Over the Edge

Avoid leaning over the edge of your dock. We understand this can be tricky if you are working on something on your dock or if you're cleaning your boat. If you need to lean over the water while on the dock, have another person on your dock for safety reasons. If you happen to go over the edge, this other helper will be able to assist you in getting safely out of the water. 

2. Keep Tabs on Everyone on the Dock

Keep tabs on all of your guests as they are on your dock and/or swimming around it. Have a buddy system in place where each person has another person they are to keep tabs on. This ensures every person is safe while having a great time at your dock!

3. Ensure Swimmers Have Floatation Devices

Encourage all swimmers to have some sort of floatation device handy, especially if there is alcohol involved in your lake day. Even strong swimmers can quickly become fatigued out in the summer sun all day. Whether it's a noodle, a floaty, or a life jacket, ensure all of the swimmers near your dock have a way to stay afloat in hand. 

4. Encourage Swimmers to Stay a Safe Distance from Dock 

Docks can be dangerous to be next to, especially if the water is rough in your location. A large wave can push you against the dock, or even worse, under it. Make sure you're swimming a safe distance away from your dock at all times. Encourage anyone who is jumping in the water to jump away from the dock, and not straight down, as well. 

5. Get Dock Inspected Annually

Your dock should be inspected each year to ensure it's up to the latest safety protocol. Electrical safety is a big deal. Electricity and water don't mix. It's important that the electricity to your dock is inspected each year to ensure it's properly grounded to avoid a dangerous situation for you and your family. 

We’re well into boating season and it’s a great idea to recap these dock safety tips to help ensure you and your guests have an amazing experience on the dock this summer! As you spend more time on your dock during the summer months, you may see some potential for some upgrades to the space. From WetStep dock accessories to adding a walkway to your lift, there are many ways Summerset Boat Lifts can complete your dock and make it a safer place for everyone!

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